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What does f(x) foods mean?

In calculus, the symbol f(x) is shorthand for "the function of x", or a function

In the food context, functional foods are defined as foods that have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition.

So f(x) foods is pronounced "function foods". It's that simple.

How we stack up

We realize there are a LOT of other nutrition bars on the market, so check out our side-by-side comparison of f(x) foods next to our closest competitors.

... clearly our bars are superior :)

Meet Sophie

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"I always grab a brain food bar for car trips, pre or post workout, or during a busy work day!  I also love sending them to friends & family as gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just a little surprise - it’s a fun way to support a small women-owned business" - MM

"Not too sweet, not too savory, just right!" - AB

"I really enjoy that when I am eating something that's tasty, I trust that it has good ingredients and has been thoughtfully put together to help my brain." -JR

"Thank you for making a totally pure bar that is so DELICIOUS and nutritious. It’s my go-to snack!" -PK

"This product is AMAZING. Being a person who has had Ulcerative Colitis and now a JPouch, I have always had a hard time being able to tolerate a lot of foods. I was so excited to try these. We got a sample and after that I was hooked. They do not bloat me at all. They are such an healthy treat and they keep me full. Incredible product. Can't wait to receive my next order..." - LL

"Not only are these bars super tasty, but they’re just what I need to feel good and focus! Plus I love the brand and everything they stand for." -GF

"The PERFECT WFH snack to reach for when you want to satisfy your hunger and taste buds without a sugar crash later." -AK

"Can’t leave the house without my purse mask and my purse snack" -LG

"Fx bars are delicious and I love the clean ingredients. I feel good about reaching for one to refuel during a busy day." - MK